Drumroll please…

May 5, 2010

…Please create your own drumroll sound effect as you read on. Without spilling your coffee…

What better place than a blog called “Over Coffee” to announce that our 2010 Annual Luncheon Keynote Speaker will be Jon L. Luther, Executive Chairman of Dunkin’ Brands – the man responsible for the reinvigoration of the Dunkin’ Donuts Brand. On June 4th, Jon will be making a special trip to Rochester to address the Ad Council’s luncheon audience.

You may ask, “Why Dunkin’ Donuts, Todd? Why now?”

Well, since you asked – because it represents a huge brand story.

You may say, “No duh, Todd!” And you’d be right. If you were to name brands that have lept forward in the public square over the past 10 years, you simply couldn’t have a short list without Dunkin’ Donuts on it. How can you beat hearing all about it directly from the man who is credited with that success?

You may ask, “Are there any other reasons, Todd?”

And, since you asked, I’ll remind you that you may have noticed on your latest cup of Dunkin’ Donuts delicious coffee this year is that vaunted company’s 60th birthday. Which, no doubt, may remind you that this year is ALSO the 60th birthday of the Ad Council of Rochester.

Yes, 60 years ago, the Ad Council of Rochester began its service to the Rochester community, and we haven’t ever quit. And right there alongside us has been our trusty cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Can’t wait to share a cup with Jon, and you, on June 4th. To reserve your spot, please visit our website.

-Todd Butler
President & CEO

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