Get a dose of beautiful nostalgia this weekend

July 30, 2010

I was just driving down Main Street and saw the bus wrapped with George Eastman House’s current exhibit – Colorama. You’ve probably seen some of the advertising around it as well – and if you haven’t seen it, you ought to. In case you haven’t heard the story, the Colorama was an advertising innovation dreamed up by none other than Kodak’s Director of Advertising, Pete Potter. If you know the Ad Council at all, that name may sound familiar, because Pete is also the founder of our organization, some 60 years ago this year.

As the story goes, the same year he founded the Ad Council, Pete was presented with an opportunity to use the space for a huge Kodak ad and came up with an idea so powerful, gorgeous and lasting that it would be a fixture in Grand Central Station for 40 years. In this case, advertising truly was art, and seeing this series of 565 Kodak ads was a highlight of any trip through Grand Central Station.

The photos show unrelentingly beautiful and positive slices of decades of American life. You can’t help but smile at them in all their glorious happy largeness.

If you do go, you’ll also see a profile of the man behind the idea, including a neat little artifact – a program from “The Advertising Dinner of 1949.” This event, where Pete was the honored guest, was also where there was the first discussion of formation of the Ad Council.

I had the opportunity to be there for the opening of this exhibit, as the guest of a dear friend — Anne Sylvester is Pete’s daughter and still a great friend of the Ad Council. To see her dad’s accomplishment highlighted in this exhibit was very special indeed.

After opening in Rochester, this exhibit will be traveling to museums in the States and Europe – so don’t miss your chance to see it before it closes October 17.

-Todd Butler
President & CEO

One Response to “Get a dose of beautiful nostalgia this weekend”

  1. Di Walker said

    What a fascinating collection of articles! I am so glad I took some time to read a few of your “pver Coffee” submissions! Thanks for making this available to non-members.

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